Sign Services Los Angeles

Bring your brand's idenity to life today.

Sign Crafters offers a list of services that are tailored to meet your business needs.

We handle the entire process from sign design concept, sign permits, sign manufacturing, sign installation, sign inspections and taking care of all the details in between and after our work is done.

Learn more about our list of specific sign services that we offer to our customer base in the greater Los Angeles area. We’re confident that we can meet any challenge you may have and solve it with high-quality craftsmanship, at an affordable price within your budget, and with the fastest turn around time in the industry.

Sign Design

Any sign design project first begins with a vision. Our highly skilled team comes together to provide a carefully crafted plan to achieve your message objective. Our creativity and our technological skill deliver solutions that will take your business to a whole new level.

Sign Permits

Obtaining the required permits for a sign design project can be a complicated and frustrating process. Nevertheless, Sign Crafters has the experience to be able to navigate through city regulations and codes to ensure that your sign project complies with city ordinances.
We take care of this essential component on behalf of our customers so that they can focus on their business, rather than having to go through a maze of forms and regulations.
Rest assured, we will handle all the details so that your sign project is in full compliance with your city’s regulations.

Sign Manufacturing

When it comes to manufacturing the final product, we don’t take any shortcuts. Our sign manufacturing process entails carefully selecting the best quality materials and providing our excellent craftsmanship so that our customers receive a product that exceeds their expectations.
We focus on every detail so that you get a product that's built to last!

Sign Installation

At sign crafters we have expert installers who can complete any sign installation safely and professionally. Our experience and state of the art equipment allows us to achieve the highest results.
we do installations for various types of (sign projects) keep the rest as is.

Sign Repair

We have the expertise to diagnose and complete any sign repair issue. We offer competitive pricing for repairs projects and we deliver our work promptly.

Sign Removal

Let the right team handle your sign removal for your business. We can complete any sign removal project, and nothing is too challenging for us.
Sign Crafters handles the entire removal process, including painting, stucco, hole patching, color matching, and much more.
Our team makes sure that the removal process is executed correctly, professionally, neatly, and quickly.

Sign Restoration

While the idea of getting a new sign for your business may sound like the most logical and appealing solution for your brand, sometimes the best solutions are to work with what you already have, especially if it’s a classic vintage sign that could never be replaced by a modern solution.
There is plenty of beauty in old signage, and we can see this throughout our beautiful city of Los Angeles with art deco signs that go back many decades, paying homage to the historical roots of our city.
Let Sign Crafters complete your sign restoration project and let us bring back to life your iconic sign while still keeping the historical and classic appeal that makes it so unique.
Contact us to learn more about our sign projects and get your message out there. If you’re a small business in need of a storefront sign or operate on a larger scale, Sign Crafters has the expert knowledge with providing custom business signs for any business establishment.